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West Coast Inc. has been in production since 1979. (24 years)
(formally known as West Coast Cobra)

West Coast Inc. was a dealer / builder in the 1970's, for almost every Kit Car Manufacturer out there. We had also built just about every Kit Car available in the 1970's.

When it came time to move on and become a manufacturer ourselves, we had to decide what car we wanted to produce. We started doing our research as to which model of Kit Car received the most attention and which car was practical to produce. we narrowed it down to three, 1957 T-Bird, Porshe 935 or the Cobra. We had already built all three. We placed all three on display in front of our shop and did a couple of car shows with all of them to determine which way to go.

The Cobra dominated

After determining to produce a Cobra replicar, we decided that we would design and build the safest Kit Car available and to produce a Kit that customers would not have to spend years on completing.

What About Safety?

The Kit Car industry did not have to meet any safety standards at that time, and still does not today. What we had to take into consideration was that our kit would have to be priced higher than anyone else to accomplish this. We went ahead and made the decision to produce the safest Kit Car possible. We relied on our experience in racing to accomplish this, along with studying the chassis designs that were used in Can-Am racing (now called IMSA). This is how we came up with the monocoque design, meaning the floor, tunnel, firewall, even the driveshaft tunnel as being part of the frame.

Years to build? How many parts do I have to supply?

What we had to contend with being a dealer / builder in the 1970's, was the time spent on finding the parts we needed to complete the kits. The assembly manuals did not provide a source for the extra parts needed, only told us we needed them. We also had to modify or redesign many parts that were provided to us, big and small, even including some of the frames that were supplied to us. We were determined to have our Cobra kit completely designed so no one would have to modify even the smallest part. Our goal was also to provide our customers with all the parts they needed so they would not have to spend countless hours and taking the next two years finding them. Because of what we had to contend with as a dealer / builder, we also decided our Kit would be designed with all the necessary parts already provided, so the customer can work on building his car any time, day or night, and not have to worry about going out and finding a part to continue.

We also made the decision to do as much work on the chassis as possible before it leaves our shop. All of the suspension is installed, all the brake system in installed (even the brakes are bled), the heater / defroster system installed, the wiring harness installed, the radiator installed, all of the steering system is also installed and more. When we deliver one of our kits to a customer, it is ready to install the motor / transmission when it arrives.

We accomplished designing the safest Kit Car available and we also have provided by far, the most complete package anyone provides their customers.


Group of Cars

At most events we participate in, several of our cars show up.



One of the employees working on a finished car back in the 1980's


Show Rig

This is our rig that we use for shows parked in front of our shop. We take the demo chassis and finished car in the trailer and all the show equipment and supplies are kept in the truck. Everything is self contained and we have our own generator for powering all the lights for night shows, the air conditioner and kitchen. We always have T-shirts, posters to give away or sell. When we are going to do a show, we just jump in the truck and go, everything remains loaded during the summer months.


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West Coast Inc. prides ourselves in producing the safest Component car available today. For more information ask for our 40+ page brochure (including pricing) on West Coast dream machines by contacting us by phone at


or E-mail us at with your complete mailing address

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